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We are passionate for teaching and helping students achieve their potential! 

GMAT Dudes was funded at the end of 2013 by Mariano Aguilar and Christian Pacheco. After having taught GMAT for several years at other academies, they decided to make improvements, so they decided to found GMAT Dudes in order to offer a service of higher quality to the students.

They didn't have much capital or business education, but their motivation to give students a level of preparation that they couldn't get anywhere else gave them the courage to figure things out along the way and the confidence that everything would turn out ok if they did the right things. The first branch was opened in Miraflores, a small 45 square meter office that was furnished into two classrooms. Here is a pic of them the day they signed the rent contract and started this amazing journey: (Christian on the left and Mariano on the right):

Since the beginning, they bet big on technology as a way to enhance the education experience. Therefore, they focused on building an online platform where students could get online access to the entire class material, the homework, and the solutions too! The students can access detailed explanations in writing and in video as well! This is definitely one of the key factors that the students love, since this allows them to study anywhere.

Another key aspect is the material that they created. They inmersed themselves in official GMAT material. They bought all the official guides available, from 1997 up to the most recent ones, plus everything they could get their hands on. Then they categorized the almost 6000 questions collected and started looking for patterns, types of questions that would pop up frequently, specific phrases and patterns, etc. They created a database in Excel and analyzed everything using statistics. They learned a lot from this exercise, but most importantly, they learned what to focus on and what to discard completely. The power point presentations used have gone through many changes since they started, always  adding more value and clarity to the concepts.

The simulation experience is also something that they have focused on. Since the Official GMAT Testing Center in Lima is not very big and the seats are quite close to each other, they designated a room in the San Isidro branch specifically for GMAT simulations, trying to emulate the size, cubicles, and the accessories such as the headphones to reduce noise, the yellow scratchpad and the black marker. This is very important because when a student practices at home, the environment is very different from the official one where you will take the actual test. Taking GMAT simulations in our testing center will give you the confidence you need for the exam day.

A lot has changed over the last few years. Our current branch in San Isidro was chosen because of its convenient location, close to the work centers of most of our students. We have hired more teachers´╗┐ and trained them in the best GMAT practices and methodologies that we have mastered. We have also expanded our services to cover other exams such asthe GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS, as well as Admissions Consulting and Translation services.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved so far, but more proud for the results our students have achieved. Each person represents a story of struggle, hard work, and vision. This is our role, being a small part in the lives of the best professionals in Peru, who will go on to grow and make an impact in the world.

If you are interested in being part of this community, and prepare for the GMAT with us, fill out the fields below so that we may contact you.


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